Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Manage Your Cargo

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Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Manage Your Cargo

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10. No Furniture Stacking
While furniture can boost different weapon types, you can’t stack identical pieces for Skull and Bones Silver cumulative effects. However, different furniture pieces with similar benefits will stack, allowing for strategic combinations.

11. Manage Your Cargo
Your ship’s cargo hold has limited slots despite its large capacity. Regularly offload items like repair kits, food, and ammo at warehouses in Pirate Dens or caches in outposts. This ensures you have space for new loot and resources.

12. Utilize Trade Routes
For crafting materials, check the world map for trade routes represented by dotted lines. Scan and attack ships on these routes to obtain materials without spending silver. This method can also net additional silver.

13. Avoid Firing Near Settlements
Even if you don’t plan to plunder, avoid firing near settlements. Guard towers and Skull and bones items for sale online neighboring ships will retaliate aggressively. If you need materials from factions, attack ships near settlements without initiating a plunder for better rewards.